About Interactive.li

  December 01, 2023
About Interactive.li
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Education and communication are constantly evolving. The days of passive, one-way information transfer are long gone. Today’s audiences demand engagement, interactivity, and immersive experiences. So, what makes a good conference in the digital age?

What makes a good lecture?

Well, it’s all about the lecturer. Their personality, teaching approach, and the environment in which learning takes place.

“You’re Professor Taylor, aren’t you? I was a student at York. I still remember your lectures. You were very good. You used to run around the stage and tell jokes. And you used to pretend that you couldn’t work the overhead projector. Even students who weren’t doing sociology would come along for the laughs.”

Another key attribute of effective lectures is interactivity.

The lack of interaction is considered one of the major limitations of traditional lectures, where students are expected to sit, listen and take notes, and the professor to give a formal, one-way, presentation.

Interactivity is needed in today’s classrooms to engage with the current generation of students, the so-called “digital natives”, for whom the physical and virtual worlds are, somehow, “blended”, as in Pokémon Go.

To address this need and help speakers and communication professionals enhance the interactivity of their presentations, Bora have developed Interactive.li. This service, accessible through a web app, is designed to make workshops, training sessions, and communication events more engaging.

The project

Interactive.li is a digital experiment aimed at helping speakers and communication professionals develop and deliver interactive lectures and presentations. The project promotes a bidirectional flow of ideas and information to make lectures more interactive and more effective.

The platform aims at supporting workshops, training sessions, and communication events. It enables presenters to engage with their audience through live polls (like Mentimeter or Kahoot!), while educators can use it to facilitate simulator-based “play sessions”. Ultimately, both can elevate participant engagement levels and successfully achieve their instructional and communication objectives.

Play, learn, and have fun!

We support speakers and communication professionals in developing and delivering engaging model-based and data-driven lectures and presentations. More about Interactive.li

Interested in incorporating a healthy dose of interactivity (and fun!) into your workshop? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us:

  Saied Dardour
  Tulln · Austria

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