Lecture design and gamification

  December 01, 2023
Lecture design and gamification
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We assist in designing and developing lectures’ narratives and supporting elements, including readings, surveys, and ‘play sessions’.

Our approach to lecture design and gamification involves the following steps:

  • Learning objectives: We begin by setting clear and measurable objectives that outline what learners should know or be able to do by the end of the learning experience.
  • Models and simulations: We create immersive environments where learners can experiment, apply concepts, and solve problems in a controlled setting.
  • Game mechanics: We incorporate game elements — objectives to achieve, rules to follow, progressive levels, reward mechanisms, incentives for teamwork, etc. — that align with the key messages of the lecture or presentation.

Evaluating gamification effectiveness

We ensure the effectiveness of the gamification design by gathering feedback and analysing it to assess the impact of gamification on learner engagement, comprehension, and overall learning outcomes compared to traditional lecture formats.

Play, learn, and have fun!

We support speakers and communication professionals in developing and delivering engaging model-based and data-driven lectures and presentations. More about Interactive.li

Interested in incorporating a healthy dose of interactivity (and fun!) into your workshop? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us:

  Saied Dardour
  Tulln · Austria

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