Models, simulations and game engines

  December 15, 2023
Models, simulations and game engines
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We develop models, simulations and game engines leveraging the functionalities of popular programming languages and frameworks1:

  • We develop models from scratch based on your requirements.
  • We can also attempt to integrate your existing simulations into our framework, ensuring they interfaces smoothly with our interactive platform.

Our development process relies on state-of-the-art approaches to coding, testing, documentation, and agile project management. Throughout this process, we collaborate closely with our partners, seeking feedback and ensuring that we meet their requirements.

1 Programming languages like Python and C++ are typically used to build dynamic simulations that describe the behaviour of complex systems, allowing learners to experiment and solve problems in a controlled environment.

Example: Epidemic Crisis Manager

Epidemic Crisis Manager (ECM) is an, ready-to-run interactive session. ECM challenges policymakers to respond to the spread of an infectious disease with concrete measures to contain the outbreak, while minimising the negative impact on the economy.

ECM incorporates a game engine2 based on a System Dynamics model, the so-called SIR model. The model was first developed in Vensim and then translated into a server-side Python script using PySD.

Two modules complement the SIR model:

  • M1 links players’ decisions to the input variables of the SIR model.
  • M2 estimates the economic impacts associated with players’ decisions based on an Input-Output Model.

2 A technical description of the game engine is available on demand. It includes a presentation of the SIR and Input-Output models, the assumptions made, and the input data used.
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