Learning experience design and gamification

  December 15, 2023
Learning experience design and gamification
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We help create engaging learning experiences, incorporating simulations and elements of game mechanics.

Our approach to learning experience design is based on the following principles:

  • Assessing prior knowledge (and designing the lecture accordingly): We use pre-lecture quizzes and surveys to familiarise ourselves with the audience and evaluate their current understanding.
  • Defining clear and measurable learning objectives: We set goals as to what learners should grasp or be able to accomplish by the end of the learning experience.
  • Structuring content for a cohesive learning path: We define and arrange the lecture’s building blocks, starting with the basics and progressively increasing in complexity.
  • Active learning through interactive sessions: We incorporate simulator-based “play sessions” as part of the lecture, providing immersive environments where learners can experiment in a controlled setting.
  • Systematic evaluation and feedback: We assess learners’ comprehension throughout the lecture and after its completion, ensuring effective knowledge acquisition.

Gamifying the learning experience

We incorporate game elements — objectives to achieve, rules to follow, progressive levels, reward mechanisms, incentives for teamwork, etc. — that align with the learning objectives of the lecture or presentation.

By implementing gamification principles and techniques, we create presentations that are not only informative but also captivating and stimulating, transforming passive learning into an active and enjoyable experience.

Play, learn and have fun!

Interactive.li is a serious game developer and service provider supporting speakers and communication professionals in developing and delivering engaging model-based and data-driven lectures and presentations.

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